Friday, 3 October 2014

Differences good leather shoes

Well where do I start with this? There are real men's shoes  leather work shoes for men standing all day can be found in all price points, from £ 20 to £ 500 and beyond. Why? What is the difference? 

Mens leather shoes
In my time I've owned a lot of cheap shoes from a discount retailer in the street and refined their thinking. I was expecting a pair of shoes for the last 6 months for me before you have to replace and we are confident that it is to be good. It is a false economy? I think it is. 

Since you wear shoes that are a little more expensive, it is a revelation to me. I did not know that a pair of shoes can last ten years or even a lifetime, if cared for properly. Of course, a pair of resistance is directly related to the quality of raw materials used in the production process and, of course, the level of craftsmanship. 

Right image is the first pair of shoes that I bought in my classic style. The shoes are brown captoe Oxford. It is not expensive at £ 40.00, and after six months of wear I can see why. In fact, I stopped wearing them because they do not look worse for wear. 

The shoes have a leather upper, genuine leather soles, but the use of "corrected grain" leather. This means that the skin cheap - probably due to defects in the grain - and then they are stamped with the completion of this leather. So grain correct term

Corrected grain leather and often a high gloss finish, as if they were brilliant. This particular pair feels quite plasticky to the touch as well. They are beautiful when they are new, but the leather cover, you get the usual wrinkles and wear on, it got more than the number of skin better. 

These shoes and wrinkled heavily from day one, and as you can see in the picture to try anything, even with the use of shoe trees in an attempt to help them retain their original shape. Finally, the skin begins to remove and ugly painted lacquer. 

The above photo is the shoes that I bought last early in my shoes "profession." Leather shoes are the so-called "veal". Without going into calf from more than necessary, it is accepted as the best form of leather shoes. Unlike corrected grain leather, the grain is not disturbed in any way, and skin color complexion shoemaker wants. 

Calf leather is lighter than the corrected grain leather, and generally feel softer and more supple, too. If you compare this shoe temperature increase (all leather shoes wrinkles come degrees), you can see the folds of a completely different way, and not make the ugly shoes, or cause problems before bringing them to maturity .

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