Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Comfortable dress shoes womens

Women dress shoes
No matter how much love shoes and fashion shoes are not the cause of severe damage comfortable to the body. "He's done exactly you wear heels?" Get Katy Bowman, Ventura, California, the world of biomechanics and author of A Woman's Guide in each foot to relieve pain. "If you have" to wear high heels "in your employment, please send them to the safety and health administration. Should this does not need to be there," she wrote in his book. As if the damage to the leg, knee and spine is not bad enough, a study by David Agus, a professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California Keck medicine, showed inflammation caused by wear comfortable poorly fitting shoes every day for decades May to remove the body of the DNA year reform and prevention of cancer. 

"The best barefoot, if we do not live in the urban jungle," said Bowman 0.36, which often features brand Tieks folded flat. Unfortunately, many women do not know how to look professional and health in this language. She added that although the sneakers and comfortable best work shoes for women standing all day  are not good for the body if gold heels hard, and yet there are opportunities for companies in the shoes and the duty to integrate into search. 

Fortunately, there are options for women who work more than tennis shoes swelling. Recommendation Bowman shoe brand furnace and the introduction of the heel. Especially in terms of style, Bowman said that all holders must register to see what suits their feet, but in general. "Less shoe, the better" 

Five Tips shoes Katie Bowman: 
1 Keep strong square foot, super-tight. Less space for your toes, and great opportunities to develop tumors and neuromas and put more pressure on the toe when you are in a vertical position. 
2 open again host the skating foot requires can lead to hammer toes and foot power. Search strings attached shop selling shoes for your body so that your toes should not work in style. 
3 If the oscillation at each stage ankles, you need to force the hip and heel better shape. In any case, wobbling around while walking tend to see the image to play dress-up or in the closet. 
Landing heel height of 4 inches to your most frequently is a good way to improve the situation, knees and back. It depends on your goal high heel with less than two inches of good. Heel height is perfect. Put your feet in any corner of some of the damage. 
5 Invest in a pair of flats handmade Italian. Find a pair of beautiful shoes, ballerinas and decorated, or simple, but classic baseband.

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